key announcements

  • 18 Mar 2016
Here are the key announcements of importance to landlords and property investors:

Deficit down by two thirds falling each year.

The British economy is stronger and is growing.  It is resilient.

We face such a challenge now.  The outlook for the global economy is weak.  A dangerous cocktail of risks.  We must act now rather than pay later.

Britain is not immune to slow down and shocks.  We have a choice how we react, and this budget puts stability first.

In this Budget, we choose the long term. We choose to put the next generation first.  Lower taxes on business and enterprise. Improvement of schools.  Improvement of infrastructure.

We now have one of the strongest economies in the world.  This budget is to ensure Britain is "fit for the future".

The world economy outlook has been down-graded.  A list of countries with negative interest rates is given.  

U.K. productivity growth has been down-graded by the OBR although they admit it is uncertain.

This country will react quickly to economic changes.

The IMF have warned of global instability this week.  Britain is among the best prepared countries for challenges that may lie ahead.

The economy is growing.

The OBR forecast says that GDP will grow by 2% next year.

International forecasts say Britain will have the fastest growing economy of any country in the world.  Forecasts are based on Britain remaining in the EU.  

The OBR say "a vote to leave" the EU may damage the U.K. economy and put the U.K. into a period of potentially disruptive uncertainty.  George Osborne said Britain will be stronger, safer, and better off in the EU!