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Good news for Boston landlords and Boston tenants 

  • 5 Jun 2024

The latest data on rent growth since January 2020 highlights significant increases across the UK, providing a promising outlook for landlords, especially those in Boston. This growth in average rents is most pronounced in the South West, which has seen a remarkable rise of 45.2%. Close behind is the East Midlands with a 39.5% increase, and Yorkshire and the Humber with a 38.5% rise. The North East also shows a substantial growth of 37.3%, while Scotland’s rents have grown by 35.0%

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Boston Buy-to-Let Property Market: A Boston Landlord’s Perspective on Recent Trends

  • 29 May 2024

Over the past few years, the UK rental market has experienced significant fluctuations, with rents increasing dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic. Between 2020 and 2022, demand far exceeded supply, driving rents to unprecedented levels. In the East Midlands for example, the average rent has risen from £732 per calendar month (PCM) to £1,016pcm YTD in 2024.

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1 in 3.9 Boston Homes are in the Private Rented Sector:

  • 6 Nov 2023

The Resilient Growth of Boston’s Private Rented Sector with a Decade of Opportunities Amid Challenges As Boston strides into the future, the burgeoning private rented sector has continued to house many of its residents. The decade-spanning 2011 to 2021 saw a significant surge in the private rented sector, a testament to the enduring appeal and viability of the Boston property market. This growth has unfolded amidst a backdrop of housing challenges, underscoring the pivotal role of private landlords in bridging the housing gap.

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